You are doing well for yourself, then boom, someone comes in because “I want a Man”, and before you know it, your finances and life are in the gutter.

The women in the second picture are all dead. They all died within the space of 5months and they were all victims of extreme domestic abuse in the hands of their husbands.

They were, ALL of them, the BREADWINNER in their homes.

Some of them were stabbed, one was BURNT to death and others publicly humiliated by what? By the desire to “have a man”

All of them were the PROVIDERS of their homes, meaning they would have LIVED WELL on their OWN.

Loooool – This stupidity that being in some relationship somehow validates you makes me throw my head back and LAUGH out LOUD

What a SHAME. Other Women are

Posting men and ENJOYING LIFE and their money, you are asking to “have a Man” and then proceed to destroy your entire existence?

Looool – What YOU NEED is SENSE!!!! NOT A MAN!!!!

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