Human beings were not fashioned to eat all day like cows! Digestion is a form of stress to the human body. Humans can tolerate such stress at best 2 to 3 times a day.

Following the circadian rhythm the body will need down time to recover from the stress of digestion & assimilate nutrients. That’s why your forefathers never ate all day like cows.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had to do with no food for prolonged periods of time, so our body is not only evolved for that, but is actually expecting us to give it a break in food consumption.

Eating frequently: Messes one’s metabolism. And Predisposes you to hyperinsulinemia. Your gut is not a hollow tube, Your gut is a muscular system of tissues & organs. It was not fashioned to hold food all the time.

It needs rest, to clear food debris, regenerate & recalibrate. Eating all the time (3 meals and beyond) like a cow messes your gut. Eating every now and then IS NOT HEALTHY! Time to relearn, we’ve been brainwashed for too long.

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