My Response To Ovaioza’s Accusations {Part 2}.
Please, kindly permit me to reiterate this fact:

I have absolutely no dog in the fight against any particular Ponzi scammer.

I sincerely DO NOT have any vested interest in or anything to gain personally, in the war against Ponzi scams.

It’s all born out of my genuine desire to contribute my very little effort towards a saner corporate governance, due process, and the best legal practices within our business and financial investment sector.

I have absolutely nothing personal against anybody!

On the Ovaioza Ponzi issue, I think that maybe I was rather too lenient with her.

I feel I wasn’t really hostile and aggressive enough, like the way I had dealt with and continue to war against the males involved in Ponzi.

Perhaps because a lady is involved here.

Perhaps because I love women too much.

Or maybe it’s because I love my mom more than my dad.

Or just maybe I overrated her and over-trusted her handlers and their assurances to work towards corporate compliance and in the best interests of the public.

However, I sufficiently informed the public that Ovaioza is Ponzi.


Corollary to my posts yesterday, there are plenty of issues I either omitted or couldn’t include; for lack of space, as well as to reduce the already lengthy post,

They are;

1) Ovaioza and her handlers; particularly the lawyer, well knew she was operating an unauthorized financial investment scheme, aka Ponzi scheme. The lawyer equally advised Ovaioza that she was committing a crime.

2) They knew since last year, that I had done a due diligence search on them and others, and was prepared to petition SEC.

3) They contacted me since last year, and promised to work towards legalizing their business within weeks.

4) By February this year, Ovaioza and her handlers knew that I had already taken steps to abate their Ponzi.

5) When the lawyer contacted me, I clearly informed him that I had already taken some steps, in the light of the numerous challenges from their people on Facebook. Perhaps, he did not clearly understand the ramifications of that conversation, at the time.

6) However, he pleaded with me to pause every action, as he was going to prevail on Ovaioza to quit the Ponzi scheme and start paying people their monies immediately.

7) Ovaioza herself acknowledged she’s been aware of the petition and her handlers knew, that I had since sent petition to SEC to stop their Ponzi scheme. They pleaded I shouldn’t make it public as I did to Chinmark, and promised NEVER to mention my name in public too.

8} They well knew my interest was altruistic and was strictly intended to abate the Ponzi scheme, as well as stop the crowdfunding, period!
That was why she vowed never to cast aspersions on me. A vow that she later reneged on when she started calling me witch in various private inbox messages.

9) The lawyer specifically knew that if not for my interventions, Ovaioza Ponzi scheme could have been worse than any other Ponzi scam in the history of Nigeria; because her disguise using foods storage appeals to everybody, and you can hardly suspect her or believe it’s a Ponzi Scheme.

Now straight to the happenings at SEC.

1) Ovaioza is facing a criminal investigation and the interrogations border on the crime of operating unlawful, unauthorized financial investment schemes,
which is also known as Ponzi scheme.

2) Ovaioza, by her own personal admissions, saw it all coming and had proceeded to pull out ALL investors money from ALL her accounts, and committed same into goods she had kept at various markets.

Meaning all investors monies are intact, either in goods or cash at the hands of market people.

3) SEC had ordinarily, as always, and in accordance with the laws, directed her to abate and stop further Ponzi schemes.

4) However, SEC has NEVER directed her to stop paying or to stop giving her investors their goods equivalents in the market.

5) The Ex Parte order obtained by SEC, only affected the account numbers so attached, and NOT goods in various markets.

I have all the copies of the court process and accompanying documents.

6) SEC has NEVER ordered Ovaioza not to pay, and and are not adverse to her releasing people’s goods in her custody.

7) In fact, due to the perishable nature of foods, NO court will grant such an order to SEC, to seize them, nor prevent Ovaioza to release them to the public owners.

8 ) That, the truth, from all available information, is that, there’s absolutely no foods equivalence of people’s funds anywhere, for the investors to carry.

9) Several investors have repeatedly requested for foods equivalent of their money, yet Ovaioza has refused to yield up their goods to them.

This has further heightened their suspicions to wonder in confusion, whether it’s no longer foods Ovaioza claimed to have bought with their funds.

This is exactly why Ponzi Schemes can be so complicated and conflicting.


Ponzi is very dangerous!

Therefore I’m going to talk more.

I’ll definitely make more and more posts on how best any serious minded victim can proceed to recover something, before the pressure is too much.

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