I have been resisting this urge to teach this particular one but I have to….it’s pushing me because someone need it right now.

If you want to appease Akwari and the alter is no longer in your family and you can’t do anything to install it at the moment.

Get small Ukpa ( basket like stuff used in carrying yam from the farm by our fathers)
Get four small tubers of yam.
Get an egg
Get four kolanuts
A hen
White material
Small palm wine in a container
Small hot drink
4 cowries
4 coins money

Edit: Please add a cock too as I have just been corrected by Onwa Nnewi (Thanks Odogwu)

Arrange them all in the Ukpa, hood the egg in your hand and call on Akwari, use the egg to plead for mercy in anyway you’ve erred either by neglect, negligence, words of your mouth and any other way, Akwari should show you mercy, use it to cleanse your body, rub oil and salt and say “salt and oil are best of friends,from today Akwari, you and I shall be inseparable like olu and salt…..hover around your head anti-clockwise and go break it.

Carry the Ukpa on your head and begin to plead for whatever you want from her, holding the fowl or tied to the Ukpa alongside the little chick.
Say all your prayers and when you’re done, put it down. Use gunpowder to send it out and then take it to a bush part and keep it there.

You can add 200 naira note in case there are things there that you forgot to buy.

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