I started fearing women when Dagrin’s wife (Olaonipekun Olabimpe Dagrin) publicly denied him during an interview; saying she had no relationship with Dagrin at all, in fact, she had never seen him for once when he was still alive. Women only value you when you have value financially. Some women are very dangerous.
Meanwhile, Olabimpe travels to Dagrin’s family house in Ogun State where Dagrin’s portrait statue is placed every year to celebrate Christmas and other festivals.
If she had no relationship with Dagrin, then why does she include “Dagrin” in her username on Facebook?
Every woman is attributed to miraculous disappointment. Expect disappointment from a woman at any time. That’s why sometimes, I don’t pity women when they meet hardship in a relationship or marriage. Some women’s maritality mentality is too childish, and they can just change to decide any wicked thing and still be proud of it as their nature.
It’s bad when maritality mentality is under materiality.

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