Zarfund was peer to peer crypto Contribution passed as networking. Everyone who did zarfund knows the reason why it scattered was that I and few other Nigerians found out we were being sidelined and we worked out. Zarfund to the best of my knowledge is still doing Crypto peer to peer.

Loom was a ponzi scheme passed off as peer to peer Contribution. Everybody knew it was chacha. There was nothing being sold .

Swissgolden was network marketing trading in “gold”. Nigerians pulled power grind on them and called EFCC , they sues EFCC to court and the case is still on and they eventually left Nigeria, Swissgolden is still in business

Longrich network marketing with goods but involves marketing to earn and nothing is ponzi about it. Just that their system is too flawed and few criminals on top doing what they like .

Mmm, Twinkas, Rackesterlli and Co all of them were clearly ponzi nothing was being sold no business nothing. Just peer to peer unstructured contributions with 100% and 50% promised returns. All ridiculous claims and all of you knew it was ponzi.

MBA forex claimed to be forex trading which was legit but the ponzi in it was that they were paying 15% month whether trading was bad or not and Nigerians being ignorant of how forex works fell for it.

Then crowdfunding for business came in with the likes of Eatrich, Benignant, Barmaike, Barza abi what the pastor, the other guy i don’t know his name, the chicken girl, the other Nne isacc woman, Chinmark and Oviaoza. Now I do not see anything wrong in crowdfunding , I do not see anything wrong in giving anybody money to trade for you and give you returns. It is not different from what banks do, giving people loan with our money, it is not different from buy stock or shares and giving firms capital leverage. The only mistake we all made was giving our money to people who do not have zero experience in business. False claims of experience they do not have. People who did not even have any functional structure , people who did not know when to stop, and who were more invested in showing off than doing business. These were all people who the universe gave the opportunity to be rich and influential. But they did not why?? Because they do not know jack about business, obviously. If they knew or took advice they would all be in manufacturing, fintech and microfinancing. They took more than they needed, what are you doing with over 1 billion in debt to people. How did you manage to convince yourself to take that much investors and debt. How were you going to pay??

They all claimed assets , now we have all realised that they do not want to let go of the assets purchased with people’s money because they do not want to go back to where they started from because they all know that people’s money was the actual good. They may all have started off with good intentions and sprinkles of lie but the minute they took more than needed , they all vied off to ponzi, they all started to use new investors money to pay old investors why claiming expansions. With all the revelations now, it clearly was not water, Tomatoes, fish, real estates, food , logistics, garri and plantain servicing the ROI of thousands of investors. It was new investments.

They will not all admit it but they all vied into ponzi when they left business to start doing show off and big man. But the truth is, they are all capable of remedying the situation and starting afresh. Those who claim to have assets , put those asset publicly on sales, let people buy and use the money and pay off people who trusted you, move over to business. Nigerians will still patronize your business. Grow a legit business, stop trying to hold on to what is not yours. None of you had money before 2019, start afresh there is nothing wrong with starting afresh and rebranding but before rebranding , you must pay your money.

Dear investors, do not allow anybody beat you up, you did nothing wrong by trusting a fellow youth to trade on your behalf, you are not the first, it has been done over and over again. Do not relent, get your money back at all cost. None of them should get away with this. Because if we let them get away, they will come back or greater scams will arise. Stop regarding them as your friend no matter what they did for you. See them as a debtor, there is nothing good about any of them, they are all the same. Fight for your money, let them spend their lives paying. Our first mistake was not asking for structure, certifications , experience and checks and balances. We let these folks run wild with our money. Some of us were worries about the extravaganza and complained and were told it was personal money and profits from years back. No be say we no ask, we just needed to have more money because the bible said we should invest in trades as we never know.

Dear infleuencers, we all taught we are not going to be in this shit that ours is better. Don’t beat yourself up. Influencer marketing is a new industry that is still evolving and so mistakes and occupational hazard will apply. I am sure if you knew what you know now, you will not go near them. Chest the insult, it is normal for people to lash out but people will always find who to blame. You can swear you did your best to research but you can only see further than you can see. Everyone who was cautioning against these businesses were right, let them talk. But moving on, if anybody needs people’s money for business, let them find it themselves, edit your bio and add clauses like Influencers opinions are personal not financial advice , do your own due diligence search and Do your own research. This will help take off the burden of expectations. What we all need to do is not disappear, what we need to do is hold these companies and their owners to ransom till the vomit the money given to them. Don’t disappear and come back later and carry on like nothing happened. Hold the company to ransom whether they are your friends or siblings , whether they gave you car or whatever, you did notbforce them they broke their own agreement. Hold them, help people recover their money. Do not keep quiet , do not hide evil. We should fix this country once and for all and the change should start from us.

To the rest of you gloating and mocking investors of various schemes, jumping from post to post. You realize not a lot of you have preferred solutions to helping people, just gossiping and being offensive. It is because you are silly and I do not rate you. You do not care about the mental health of the investors or influencers, you are catching cruise, some of you are driving up numbers of followers and traffic on others pain. Darling when this is over, people will still forget you.. Be kind, it takes nothing. Caution with kindness, be humane and be helpful.

May the joy of the Lord help us, and may this end in praise.

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