Na so one come ask me if her boyfriend will marry her after paying for her consultation.

We checked,
I told her that the guy has no future plans for her.

I advised this girl like a sister. Told her to collect enough money from the guy before anything happens because dude is very rich and him dey pick steady!

Umunne m n‘ime chineke guess what?

She went and told her boyfriend that i said she should milk him and dump him.

The guy came to my WhatsApp and insulted me before blocking me.

I no vex oh! I jejely blocked her immediately.

On dec 18th, I no fit forget! A number chatted me. She was sending voice notes and when she saw i wasn’t playing them because i was busy. She started writing long stories how her boyfriend got her pregnant,gave her infections and told her to go abort it and never call him again. She should move on and even if she wants to keep the child, she shouldn’t involve him. Blablabla!

I opened her messages,read everything and blocked her again. If she chats me with another number? I will still block her!

Umunne m!!!!

Do you know that her so called ex boyfriend later came to apologize to me and was asking if he could pay for afa and fix his life because he doesn’t want to go back broke now he’s making money? He didn’t even talk about her even by mistake. Just how to fix his life and progress.

Umunwanyi!!!!! They will disgrace you because of AMU!

Tueh! Thank God for my brain shaaaa

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