She lied to us – Ovaioza’s PA

Eneze Azi Bello👇👇
The partnership for the running of OSAC was what brought I and Ovaioza closer than mere Facebook friends in 2021. Subsequently, when relax and chill, Lugbe was set up, I worked for her as the manager of the place until February, 2022. Over time, the friendship became strong and I invested my own savings into her business with my friends and family who partnered with me.

Heck, at some point, I helped her handle her business phone and prepared proforma for her for supplies so, I had an insight into how the business is run with her partners, like most people, I saw the market runs, the storage facilities, mills, etc. It was a solid, verifiable business we all saw. I am a partner too.

I mean, I defended her business because of all I could see and the fact that I manage OSAC and the students.

But with all the allegations recently, I have been forced to ask questions and try to find out exactly what’s going on.

My friends gathered some evidence and finally confronted her last night. That meeting revealed what we have been scared of.

All the money from partners was not used to trade. She mismanaged funds collected and even OSAC plaza where the students and I work, was not entirely bought with her proceeds.

I feel so bad that Ovaioza lied to us and even last night when she saw that people now know the truth, she still kept on lying. It’s been so hard trying to disbelieve all the rumors but last night confirmed everything. She couldn’t even deny it.

From her own admission, she cannot account for the goods distributed right now. She does not know how much money is out there. She cannot account for it. She cannot confidently state how EVERYONE can be paid today!

So, in my capacity as a staff of the company and also as a friend who trusted her, I have a responsibility to speak up so that every partner can try to salvage what they can, before it is too late.

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