I personally believed that Ovaioza was genuine.

Around March last year, a former colleague convinced me that we should invest in her cashew partnership. They were to buy cashew nuts in bulk and store for 6 months, then sell when the prices would have gone up. No ROP abi ROI. Whatever the profit was, it would be shared.

I think it was 200k at the time. My colleague pleaded that we combine 100k each because na only 100k she get. I liked the idea. I called someone who was very close to her at the time and he vouched for her.

After payment, I started to see the dorime online.

1 million dash to somebody.

3 million there.

500k here.

I called my colleague and said start praying oooo.

The way they are spending money, it’s like our money don enter one chance.

I called the guy who vouched for her… I said are you sure this thing is legit? Because I’ve never seen a business person spend like this. He swore it was. Said she was very wealthy personally.

Regardless of his assurances, I could not sleep. The money was not much but na money wey I work hard for. I remember telling Claire and Tamar that I had partnered. They both laughed at me so tey my anxiety doubled.

Luckily for my colleague and I, we were paid after the 6 months. How much was the profit kwanu? Whether 60 or 80k, I honestly don’t remember. As I divided the money and sent, I slept like a baby that night.

*Post edit: It was 60k. I just checked.

E no reach one month later, my colleague said I should bring 400k, let her bring 400k, so we can do garri partnership or so…

Me that had sworn to myself not to ever take that kind of risk again.



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