Some people have come inbox to enquire my opinion or reasons for my silence on the Edo lady and her farm pyramid scheme. Honestly, if Igbo wvmen who believe they are smarter than their husbands or boyfriend continue to fall victim, I have no sympathy or advice for the outcome of their investment !mbecility.

Since my dad passed away, my mother religiously follows the advice and counsels of her children.

I remember when FirstCity Microfinance Bank marketed her to do some kind of daily thrift savings with them for some interest. One day while we were talking on the phone she mentioned the new bank, I told her to stop contributing her daily sales until she made me talk to her account officer on phone.

I asked basic questions like the names of their Chairman and Directors, and how much Capitalisation the bank have with CBN. His answers showed he was either being evasive or didn’t have technical information about his office. I wanted to Google those people.

I told my mom to withdraw all her money and tell the account officer that her son advised her to stop. She did.
7-8 months later, the bank crashed and CBN sealed off their office, all my mother’s neighbours at the market lost their savings till date.

Many Igbo wvmen assume they are smarter than their men. They say to themselves: “Two heads are better than one only if I am not the only intelligent person in the relationship”.

Ask yourself:

  • How many Ebira wvmen fought aggrieved investors because of Ovaoiza?
  • How many Edo wvmen lost their money in Ovaoiza’s farm?
  • How many Igbo wvmen fought, insulted and intimidated Dr. Monica when she wanted her money back?

Believe me if the wvmån was not arrested, Igbo wvmen would be the last to realise that the whole Facebook Farm was a pyramid scheme. They would continue to fight and insult everyone who tried to save them.

Now, she for leave dem go America.

Remember in 2015-16 one Iniabassi Asuquo a married man who smashed a dozen of the so-called big girls on Facebook, 70% of his səxual conquest were Igbo wvmən in the same Feminist clique on Facebook called FIN.

I can only say: Igbo wvmen have tried these woke and independence thing, they have failed woefully. It is time to calm down and seek guidance from your brothers, boyfriends and husbands – No shame.

Your ITK always led you to Ovaoiza, DPA, Mike Ile, MMM, Emeka Ugwuonye, Chinmark, Longrich and Iniabassi Asuquo.

Stop jumping! Stop contesting!
You have tried! You are only inviting more misery and losses; be loyal and learn from good Igbo men.

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