The Anambra State businessman, Rita Dominic’s legal husband Fidelis Anosike is a Publisher at Daily Times.
Fidelis Anosike holds high as the founder of the Multi -media company called Folio Media Group in Nigeria.

Fidelis Anosike’s Age, Husband of Rita Dominic:
Fidelis Anosike was born in 1966. He turned 56 in 2022 as of 2022.

Fidelis Anosike Education:
Fidelis Anosike studied Creative Arts from the University of Benin and graduated successfully.

He studied B.A Applied and Fine Arts from 1985 to the year 1990 and completed with second class honours and Upper division. He also attended Harvard School in the States.

Fidelis Anosike Net worth:
Approximately, he has a dazzling account holding over $2,000,000 USD as net worth in it.

Source of Fidelis Anosike income:
Fidelis Anosike’s net worth is gathered from his entrepreneur works globally and associated owner companies as well.

Fidelis Anosike properties:
His lifestyle is stylistic in nature. Anosike holds luxury automobiles and beautiful houses. He is not the type that boosts of his possessions despite his wealth.

Fidelis Anosike height;
Fidelis Anosike has a height of 6ft 0 inches. He is a tall man with a semi-thick body.

Parents of Anosike Fidelis:
Fidelis’ father (deceased) was a Police Officer (Junior rank) before his mistimed death at age 52. In the year 2021, he (Fidelis) buried his mother.

Siblings of Anosike Fidelis:
In all he has seven siblings. It therefore means that their father, the Junior Police Officer left behind eight (8) for the mother to cater for.

His siblings: four (4) brothers and three (3) sisters. Simply, all the boys are five (5)

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