Having read of the man who confessed after 20years, to have hidden his cousin’s UK visa. Made me remember one of my precious work place. And the need to be careful with the ones so close to you.

So this guy, a very close colleague used my System to tendered my resignation. I don’t know how careless I was but what can trust not do? So if there is any way I can be careful, I can say, I was very very careful. No one even comes close to use my system.

  1. Everyone have theirs
  2. I was the internal control person ( no one dare touch my system because of the office I was holding)

This close colleague after sending the mail, he deleted it. Proceeded to deleted file and permanently delete the mail.

It was when I was called to be asked why I was resigning that I was extremely Shocked. I was asking the HR, if she is sure of what she is saying and not mistaken. She showed me the mail and i was shaking.

One thing I know is, the words do not look like mine. It was so strange.

It was escalated and the management was furious that I had to lie.

So, there was this IT guy with us. The guy is in the US now. The guy asked for the time the mail was received and the date. I think he was the only one who believe me. You know, sometime, you just feel like, this person is saying the truth no matter how vivid the accusations look like.

He then advised that the CCTV be checked. And they agreed to do that. And lo, the camera showed that I walked out of my office and later in 4 minutes, this guy too came out of my office.

Immediately, I remembered that I had left the office to another office while I was on call, leaving my close guy in my office.

Apparently, it was he who sent the message. When he was confronted, he began to beg.

Mehn! I was shocked and speechless.

This is a guy that we move around outside work things. Hook up during the weekend. He visits me, I do the same.

Omo, since that day, I understand that the real enemy of a man is one of those close to him.

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