BSc and HND are different Educational qualifications. You will get BSc certificate if you attend University and you will get HND certificate if you attend polytechnic. No doubt there are a lot of educational differences between the students of universities and polytechnics. For you to gain admission into universities, you have to score over 200 in your JAMB and post jamb. But once you score 160 in jamb you can enter any polytechnic in Nigeria.

Let see 5 things of out what BSc Graduates can do that HND Graduates Can not do

  1. Going for master directly.

HND can not go for his master directly after his HND degree without doing PGD. Even if you graduate with distinction, no universities in Nigeria will admit you for masters unless you do that PGD but BSc Graduate can go for his master directly.

  1. BSc can Lecture HND but HND can not lecture BSC.

BSc Graduate can be Employed into polytechnic to Become a lecturer. But no University will employ an HND holder into a university system to lecture University students

  1. HND can not become Doctor

HND Graduate can not become a medical doctor. Only people that attend University can become Medical doctors.

  1. BSc can Become Enginner. HND can only Become a technician

BSc can become an engineer while HND can only because a technician

  1. HND cannot rise Above level 14 while BSc can rise to Level 17 in Civil Service

HND graduate cannot rise above level 14 except such a person acquires an additional degree (PGD) for his or her conversion to officer cadre that terminates at Grade Level 17. BSc can rise above grade level 14 to 17 before retire.

BSc is far far better than HND

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