..Do you know how many lives Linda Ikeji has ruined because she wanted traffic to her page?

You will mail her, beg her and explain things to her, still, you won’t get any reply.

Even twitter is more responsive to issues like that than her.

..Lol! Madam was preaching celibacy up and down especially to school girls…Before we say jack, boom! We saw pregnancy…,

..She almost ruined Wizkid’s life.. I remember she once told Wizkid that it doesn’t take her anything to ruin his life, I remembered it was the lagos state police that settled that issue cos wizkid threatened to kill her

..Wiz kid didn’t threaten to kill her . Wiz kid said I will tell my 15 years old cousin to beat you up . She was always pushing bad news about him . Wiz kid management reached out to her to stop some things but she refused . Then the insult started from wizzy . Say she b old mama

..When it favours you, it’s censorship… When it doesn’t favour you, it’s a welcome development… You think govt now will do anything about it? In the world of fake news and misinformation, it’s man eat man… Do people think it’s only politicians they peddle fake news about?

..So it’s Linda we are roasting today? Alright let’s do this

…That is why her life is zigzag. Crying inside wealth because she intentionally took peace from others

…You remember that girl that had a terminal disease, TOYIN aimaku ( the actress) was trying to crowd fund for the girls surgery in 2016, it was LIB that broke a false claim that the girl was trying to scam people, the girl died shortly afterwards

…I remember when Linda Ikeji unleashed her lunatic followers against me in 2016. She twisted my tweet into something I never said and her mad followers invaded my mentions for 12hrs. Me that I don’t fear no baga, they didn’t get one apology from me. I was laughing at their tears.

…If Linda Ikeji did what Carolyna accused her of, on The Real Housewives of Lagos then she’s evil. I understand the excitement to break the hottest gist, but there’s a limit, especially when the person in the story reached out to you for fact-checking but you’d rather post lies.

..Linda Ikeji ruined many lives and homes and she never felt any remorse or cared because it’s bringing food to her table and traffic to her blogs.

I can NEVER forget how Linda Ikeji treated someone I know.
These babe was steady giving her exclusives of the political class FOR FREE.

One time ,this babe begged Linda for money ,Linda ignored her email.

2 weeks later ,she emailed Linda that she had gist ,the f00l replied.😂

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