Miquela Sousa, widely known as Lil Miquela, is a 19-year-old worldwide pop star who was named one of TIME Magazine’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet” – and she’s not human. She’s a robot.

Miquela is a singer, change agent, and fashion visionary who originated as a laboratory product of the renowned firm, Cain Intelligence. Her new bosses (and robo-family), Los Angeles-based software business Brud, thought she deserved a better existence and reprogrammed her to have human-level consciousness.

Her style has also piqued the interest of the fashion industry, prompting her to walk the red carpet at the CFDA Awards and model for Prada. Aside from contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to after-school programs, our robot lady has worked many late nights at the studio—and they’ve paid off.

Miquela has topped Spotify charts with indie-pop tunes that have received millions of streams since she began pouring her one-in-a-billion experience into music.

Also, Miquela has ganered massive social media followers since she came into spotlight. She currently has 3 million instagram followers.

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