OCD :obsessive-compulsive disorder .

I have this female friend who decided to hook me up with her friend and after exchanging photos, her friend and I liked each other so we exchanged phone numbers and we started interacting , voice , video chat .

My female friend later contacted me to tell me that her friend is OCD . Honestly that was my first time hearing those letters . I asked what that meant and she explained that her friend is a very neat, organized and tidy person who hates a place not organized and she is very aware that I am not organized.

Actually that information gladdened my heart as I was like finally I found someone to organize me . The babe that I was introduced to lives by herself in a big flat and one day I visited her residence for a weekend get to know each other visit. To be honest her place was squeaky clean and I had to wipe my butt to be sure I will not put dirt on her couch . It is one of those places you leave your shoes at the entrance and she gave me a white hotel like slipper to wear while inside her flat

After a while my stomach started running based on the peppery food that she served me and I asked for the toilet and she pointed the door to me . I went in there and my shit and fart was making noise that I could not help and at the end I felt good emptying my stomach . I checked everywhere to make sure no shit to see inside the toilet and I flushed it two times and I was satisfied it was squeaky clean .

A few minutes later she called me to the toilet to come and clean it . Clean it ? I thought I did a good job of cleaning earlier ? I went back there and she was pointing under the side that water comes out into the toilet bowl that there are some little spat of shit in there . Honestly one will need glasses that enlarge things to see that . Also why can’t she be a ‘good wife material ‘ and use the toilet brush to clean it and flush the toilet ? After all her peppery food ran my stomach .

Later on I needed to use the toilet again and this time around I knelt down and looked inside toilet to see if there is any thing anywhere and I found none . I wiped everywhere again and I left the toilet . A few minutes later she brought me back to the toilet again to show me a little spat under the seat that I missed and I cleaned it .

After the second time cleaning , I decided to leave her house and travel back to my house where I can shit my shit in peace without having an inspector inspecting my toilet each time that I pou pou , Jeez !. The only thing wey pepper me for body is that because of all these inspections my gbola became weak and we did not get to do the do , I wonder where she would have wanted me to pour my anointing oil and GOD forbid if there was a spill over on her white bedsheet . If I hear OCD now , na run I go run .

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