I am a single mother of 2 girls. I have never been married but the girls belong to different fathers. Story for another day. I don’t know if something is wrong with me or I was just born to be unlucky with men. The fathers of my two children are not the only men who have taken advantage of my heart and body. Others did the same thing. They always end up leaving me without a word and if I try to ask why, they’ll say I didn’t do anything wrong. Fast-forward to 2 years ago, I started dating my fiance. At first he didn’t tell me he was married but along the line he opened up and told me the truth that he is married with 4 children. I cried that night because he is the only man that has given me the kind of love I prayed for. This man is like a father to my two girls. He didn’t judge me. He takes care of them and pay their school fees. He supports me financially too. There was no way I could know he’s married because he’s very caring. I cried like a child that day. He said I shouldn’t worry that he will not leave me. But I started getting jealous when he’s with me and his wife calls. Yes, he became comfortable to answer his wife’s call before me ever since he told me about her. One night like that, we were together in a very intimate position, his wife called. I stopped him from picking the call, collected the phone and kept by my side. The phone rang again, I picked it and lied to him that I rejected the call. I made sure to moan so loud so the wife will hear from the other end. She cut the phone after some time. I guess she was tired of hearing us make love. When he left that night, after some time he came back very angry. I have never seen him that angry. I already knew what the problem was and I was so scared my baby will call it off that night with me. I was shaking and crying and pleading though I lied to him that I rejected the call, maybe it picked by mistake. After some time, he calmed down and said he’ll rather forgive me than take the nonsense his wife told him that night. For the first time, my baby spent the night with me that day
I think they he started having serious problems with his wife from that day because he started avoiding home, spent much time with me. He is always with me. Last year November, I noticed I’m pregnant. I told him and was crying that I will have another child without a father. To my surprise, he said he will marry me but on one condition. That he will marry me but I will not come and live with him in his house. I will just remain where I am. That I will not lack anything and the child will not lack a father. I agreed. This Easter he has gone to see my people but I didn’t tell them he’s married. The truth is, he has been very honest with me. I have not lacked anything. He’s always with me but I planned on moving in with him after some years. That’s what I planned in my heart. Why I am feeling too bad now is because of the way women are bashing Yul. I’m beginning to feel guilty. Is it wrong to be a second wife? Should I tell him that I don’t want again? If I do, what will happen to me and my children. I am pregnant now too remember.
Please take it easy on me and tell me what to do

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