What Side Chicks Don’t Understand Is That A Man Is Not Looking For A New Wife. When You Are A Side Chick. You Are Not There To Replace The Wife. You Are There To Be The Side. You Are There To Be Used. You Are There To Be A Stress Reliever. That’s Why When You Start Getting Emotionally Involved. The Man Will Leave You. He Doesn’t Want You To Be His New Wife. You Are The Side Piece. There Is No Future Where You Replace His Wife & Move In. You’ll Always Be The Girl He Takes To Hotels & Guesthouses. That’s The Only Place A Person Like You Makes Sense. Outside Those Spaces You Don’t Fit Into His World. You Are Just A Piece Of Meat With Make Up On. That’s Why Disrespecting His Wife Will Take You No Where. The Wife Sits At The Top. She & Her Children Get Everything When He Dies. All You Get Are The Breadcrumbs He Gives You. WetinConcernUs.

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