Some pipo deserve misfortune wey use black thunder tie gele. Their life no suppose better at all.

Today I was at the bank.

UBA blocked me from making transfer after I forgot my password so I went to rectify it. I don’t want to talk about the time and stress this took me to achieve at the bank but something happened that tampered with my happy day.

Who be the people wey deserve the above illustrated misfortune?

Na people wey don decide say, for their life, they would do nothing but cause others pain. It can never be well with them!

I was waiting to be attended to when this man, probably in his mid fifties stormed into the banking hall, panting. I could barely hear his conversation with the customer care representative but I overheard him say; “daughter” “ATM” and “First bank”

Next thing he yelled! “Jesus! Dem don withdraw 60k, block am! Block am before they finish everything! Give me my available balance, let me withdraw it before they finish it, oh! Thank God, I still get one hundred and something thousand naira” He said while staring at the printed balance on his hands.

“..sorry, Oga, you didn’t see the available balance there, it’s one thousand something not one hundred and something” the customer care representative cut in.

“Jesus! My 151k gone!”

This man almost cried. You could see he was trying to fight back tears. He was visibly shaking and weak. I almost cried for him. He stormed out of the banking hall.

This is what happened.

He sent his daughter to make withdrawal from an ATM. His daughter was having a hard time and these miscreants, offered to assist her, unknowingly to her, they had swapped her card and were using a wrong one.

As expected, the pin would be wrong for a wrong card, right? So the Atm swallowed mthe card, and she left to call her father.

Before anyone could say Jack, let alone Robinson, these evildoers had withdrawn every dime in this man’s account, from 151k, leaving 1k. First withdrawal, 60k, second, 90k.

How can people be this evil? Do they ever think and ponder on what the person they are being mean to would go through as a result? Which kind heart people dey get like dis?

E get as 1k debit go comot from my account right now and my heart go make “gbim gbim” How much more losing 150k in this hard time! A man with a family to feed!

The man returned to get statement of account. He was told the id.iots used POS.

POS wey plenty, where dem want trace dem go.

No trace. Money gone.

It was while he was speaking dialect on the phone I realized he’s from my tribe. I tried to talk to him and all I saw was pains. He had just received his salary yesterday. I felt, still feeling so much pity for him. I wish I had a means to help him.

He said to me;

“I have just 1k left..” I felt that! 😭

For those thieves, dem no go die well, their own no go ever better!!!

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