Before committing to a partner, it is good to get to ask some difficult questions, What are the difficult questions” A lot of couple are obviously not friends but let me give you an idea of it .

What are the difficult questions in your relationship.

1, What happens if you fall in love with another person? Yes because marriage or relationship does not mean forever in love for everybody.

2, If we get married and a body deforming accident happens, will you stick it out? How bad is bad for you.. Also Discuss weight gain here.

3, What happens if we are unable to have our own biological children?What are the options we can explore.

4, What happens if you have sex with anybody not me? What are the options before us.

5, What happens if you impregnate another woman or i get pregnant for another man? Full disclosure or what. What are the options before us. Divorce, accept the child, marry the mother,hand the child to the father, keep the child . Just talk about it and see.

6, Do you intend taking another wife ?? Under what conditions ask the man this and if you take another wife, am I free to go to other men. ( na here baby Bush cry go start).

Talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. I have had this discussion with my partner. I know if there is no child or just 2 , he will get another wife, I am okay with it..


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