My dearest Sister,

Pay no ears to all these women asking you to leave a Man who has not failed to provide for you, Who doesn’t beat you, a man who loves you and your children simply because he went Polygamous whilst still Loving you.
Their plan is to drag you out so you become like many of them!
When they drag you out, two things will happen, It’s either you join them on the Highway where they will start Pimping you for Nigerian Politicians who are also other people’s Husbands, Of course you might automatically own Choicest cars and houses if Your God allows it but we all know how those things end!
Or you will become frustrated, Down and Lonely while those women who encouraged you out will be hustling to be with Yul as 3rd Wife!
Be Wise May!!
This Phase Shall pass and all you will be happy again!
Don’t Leave Your Home especially when No One is Chasing You!

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