How my ex-boyfriend lœcked me up and r@ped me daily — Actress Juliet Ibrahim

Actress Juliet Ibrahim has narrated her t#rrible experience in the hands of her ex.
The Ghanaian actress who is very popular in Nollywood shared her ordeal with an ab§sive partner in a a chat with our source.

Juliet said her ex-lover would often f%rce his way with her and lock her in for days. She, however, did not reveal the identity of her former lover. “I told him what he did was r@pe and he said but we were in a relationship,” the Ghanaian actress said.

“But was I ready, that was the question, did I say I was in the mood? I kept saying no, stop it, stop it, you p#n me down and you’re doing whatever you wanted to do and you’re smiling saying don’t worry. And you’re kissing whilst I’m crying, that means you’re a r@pist and I had to leave that relationship. I fœught my way out of that relationship because he even locked me up in his house for days until my sister Sonia came to find me.

I was scæred, uncertain of what to do because this guy was huge and taller than me. He can raise you above the wall. And just imagine that it was every day. Every day, he wanted to do something. That is r@pe. You’re naive. Who do you go and tell? Who would come and f#ght for you? But ladies you can report it now, go and report. If your husband is fœrcing you to do when you’re not in the mood it is r@pe and I tell these men that you cannot fœrce a woman,” she said.

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