After reading the update from Obinna about Ovaioza. I am here laughing because I told people who came to me for help with this Ovaioza’s matter that I won’t get it involved because I know nothing will come out of it no matter how hard we press.

I also told them to let go and move.
Start afresh if you have to.

You see this Ovaioza’s matter, I am sorry to say this.
No matter how hard you press and spend money to make her vomit the una money, it won’t work.

Ovaioza is stoned hearted, unless she willingly decides to salvage what is left of her intergerity, if at all there is any left.

Aside that, all the contributed and paid into Fab’s Account na wash.

That be said, I am not trying to discourage them of their quest but I see no light at the end of the tunnel here to be very honest.

Ovaioza will rather go to jail, we all know 10years sentence is 3-5years in this country and she will come out cruising privately just like the “TINDER SWINDLER”.

I hope they also know she has Hectars of land somewhere in the west worth millions of naira😎😎.

Goodluck to them and I hope they get what they are looking for.

I will just sit on the fence and watch.

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