“We had been friends since childhood and shared secrets. I knew who she was dating at every point and vice versa. As we grew older, she started dating this very handsome guy. He was doing well though not in a way you would classify as rich.

In the course of that relationship, another man, very wealthy, started asking her out. As always, she told me about it, seeking my advice. Knowing her poor background and how she had been struggling to come out of it, I advised her to go with the wealthy man. Her problem was that the man was not good looking at all, but I encouraged her to ignore his looks and focus on the wealth. She finally accepted his proposal and they started making marriage plans.

A week to her marriage, she decided to pay a visit to the handsome boyfriend to inform him of her marriage and break up with him. She told me about this also. Some hours after she left, she sent a message telling me the boyfriend had locked her in.

Shortly after that, I couldn’t reach her again. By the end of that day, she was not back home. Her fiancé and family members have all tried reaching her, but the number was switched off. They called me to ask about her, but I denied knowing her whereabouts. I should have told them then, but I wasn’t thinking straight. The only thing on my mind was how to keep the fiancé from knowing where she had gone. I didn’t even think that she could be in danger.

24 hours later, she was still not back. They decided to go report at the Police Station. I was invited for questioning, but I kept denying any knowledge of her whereabouts. I was locked up, threatened, hit a few times. There was no word of abuse the police didn’t rain on me. Everyone was of the opinion that I had planned for my friend’s kidnap out of jealousy. Even my boyfriend was called to talk to me, but I still denied.
I stayed in the cell for 3 days. By this time, I felt it was already too late for me to open up and was just praying that my friend would come back safely.

On the 3rd day, she came out and when she was told what had transpired, she came straight to the police station to see me. Immediately I was brought out, I broke down in tears. I asked her what happened and she told me the guy had locked her up, seized her phone and for those three days, he was having sex with her non-stop in very violent ways. He wanted to hurt her badly for breaking up with him. I asked her what she told her people and she said she lied to them that she had gone for a church program and they were asked to switch off phones. Somehow they believed her. She apologised to me and made me a promise not to ever reveal what happened.Everyone soon forgot what happened and we moved on.

Her wedding held and to my surprise, the ex-boyfriend attended. He came to me boasting about what he did to her and shaming her for marrying an ugly man. Listening to him, I was happy my friend left him though she didn’t do it in the right way.

After the wedding, I told her that if I ever hear that she kept up any kind of communication with the guy, I would tell everyone what actually happened that day.

It’s been years now, I am married too and nobody has heard the truth. Sometimes I feel guilty but other times, I feel like I did right by my friend.”

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