Man Shares Scary Experience After living in A Haunted House.

A man identified as Everyoung45 has narrated his experience after renting a haunted apartment in Abuja.

Sharing his scary experience via Twitter, he wrote,

“My Own Experience Living in a Haunted House in Abuja.

On the 26th of July i made up my mind to trade Lagos for Abuja and as well give (Abuja) a different try and as well feel what it’s like to live and work in the capital! So my journey began. Got into Abuja with just one person in mind whom i was going to squat with until i sought out my apartment . Been house hunting and trust me the houses 🏡 the agent shown me was far off what i wanted , it wasn’t easy.

I finally got an apartment on 69 road gwarinpa , checked it out to some extent wasn’t what i want but nevertheless i needed my own space , so i paid for it and commenced putting the apartment in order . Had the carpenter and plumber do all the necessary finishing touch.

The first day i moved into that house landed me in the hospital and luckily , started off like a mild headache then switch to malaria symptoms after I’ve made payment to my landlord. During September Abuja is usually very hot but to my greatest surprise…

… i literally enjoyed staying under the sun ☀️ and kid you not had perform a laboratory 🧪 test to figure out what is wrong with me , they couldn’t find an atom of malaria in my system but then i was showing malaria symptoms (e shock you abi)😅.

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