I have read many things that have been written
about me and my family. Many of which are fabricated I 2/3
and some directly from my first wife (which understandably is
angry I married a second wife).
At this point it is necessary I put record straight.
I have two wives. One lives in the US while the other lives with
me in Nigeria.
As a matter of fact, I just got back from America 3 days ago
where I spent quality time with my family and tried to mend
fences with my first wife who is obviously still angryI married
a second wife (A move my religion permits as a Muslim ).
And talking about being a Muslim and a responsible man, I
make sure none of my family in US or Nigeria is suffering. It is
laughable that some people said I have abandoned my US
family in as much as I travel to see them often.
For the record, I ensure my US family gets 1500 dollars since
2016 monthly until recently when I reviewed it to 1000 dollars
cos our daughter is now in the private university and I have
been solely responsible for her school fees and upkeep.
In as much as there is nothing bad in husband and wife
building house together, in my case, we did not. I built the
house bv mvself.

When I was furnishing the house, she bought
some furnishing materials and part of the money I have
refunded. My second wife had added some furnishing to the
house as well.
It is not in my character to speak ill of people who were once
friends not to talk of my first wife (who is still my wife as we
speak). I will not speak ill of her for the sake of good and bad
times we shared and the good kids that God gave us.
It is understandable that my first wife is unhappy about getting
a second wife but she left me no choice when she relocated
permanently to the US. I am a muslim
and Islam permits me to marry more than one wife as long as
I take care of them and I don’t maltreat them. I can stand
before God and man that as a man, I have done my best not to
maltreat them.

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