Around 11:40pm last night may 9 2022, my brother Okpara Jude Jaycee a radio presenter with Toast FM Owerri raised an alert about armed robbery activities in his compound, just by his neighbours flat, I reached out to him, he couldn’t talk because these guys were so close.

I called the Nigerian Police, Imo command control room number 08034773600, someone answered the call, asked what the issue was, I reported it was a case of armed robbery going on at my axis because Jaycee lives just close to my home too, the police officer immediately stopped talking to me, I was still hearing background noises, I hung up and called back severally and this officer repeated same process over time, I reached out to New Owerri police division, I was told there are no men on ground to attend to us at that point and I was redirected back to control room number 08034773600, I called again, same process repeated itself.

I called emergency number 112, a guy picked up, I explained the emergency, he was asking me how sure I was about it being armed robbers, asking me the type of guns they came with and what makes me extremely sure, they even asked me to make someone inside the house being robbed to call them so they properly verify.

Finally, Urban Police Division (Fire Service) informed me that they would send men to the area and that never happened.

Vigilante guys from the area finally came and those armed robbers ran away.

We have a messed up system in Nigeria that needs to be fixed now! We are not safe, not a single person.

Meanwhile I’ve spoken with Jaycee this morning and he is fine even though the scare cannot be easily written off. Nigerian police are only active when bribery is involved, to this is the met we find ourselves in.

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