Anywhere you are don’t forget to say a prayer for Opeyemi.

Some stories are hurtful to see, when his children grows up and read the news of their father begging his ex after he caught her cheating…how can the children respect him?

The worst is that their father’s ex has been on social media cuddling with her ex.

I heard an old legend that the lowest karmic punishment the universe give to men who were bad in their past life was to make them reincarnate as a helpless simp.

The life of a simp is the most difficult one. Just say a prayer for Opeyemi.

GodSaveOpeyemi #Pray4Opeyemi #SaveNigerianMen

🗣️🗣️ father in heaven
u know u hate simps
even Adam was the first simp
u gave him a wife
and instead of Adam to praise u as he opened his eyes.
being a simp he began to misyarn
he screamed
oh this is the flesh of my flesh.
the bone of my bones
this shall be called woman
he didn’t even ask u want u thought

that day he lost his alphaness
and the result is the manipulation that eve told him
if u know u love me
this line has been used since then to manipulate men
if u know u love me
kill ur mother
buy my that phone
give me ur school fees
send ur wife away
block ur family
don’t give tunde that money

today this is the result

Lord let this man die
he is not fit to be alive

🗣️🗣️ He doesn’t need to be saved, Opeyemi is in love.
Even you would do same if ur really in love with ur woman.

Couples do breakup and make-up.

🗣️🗣️ A Simp.. wash him, rinse him.. once he dry, he goes back to being a Simp.

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