Almost a week after the video of the brutal murder of two Nigerian soldiers, Gloria Matthew and her fiancé Linus Musa Audu, along with two of his relatives first appeared on social media, a conspiracy theory that the killings were staged is going viral on social media in Nigeria.

The BBC Disinformation Unit has confirmed from family sources that the couple and their relatives were indeed killed in the Orlu axis of Imo State, south-east Nigeria on 30 April 2022.

A family member of the couple with first-hand knowledge of the incident told the BBC in an interview that the killing occurred after they were waylaid by four armed youths “who emerged from the bush” not far from Banana Junction in Orlu.

Conspiracists and supporters of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob) separatist group on social media are actively pushing the narrative that the video was doctored and the killings actually occurred in Cameroon.

The claim was first posted on Facebook on 7 May by a user with the name Chidi Cali.

The post garnered 1,700 comments and 1,000 shares in 24 hours.

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