Andrew Jones is a 27 years old professional fitness model and bodybuilder, he lives an active lifestyle and regularly works out in the gym despite a medical condition.

Jones has no pulse. He does not have a self-functioning heart. To keep himself alive, he carries around with him at all times an artificial heart pump and pacemaker attached to a backpack, and has to plug himself into the wall outlet every night to charge the lifesaving hardware.

In 2012, he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy — a disease which affects the efficiency of the heart to pump blood. While waiting for a full heart transplant, he was given a device to help his heart pump blood around his body. This equipment is called a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), consisting of a battery pack and a computer, which power and control the technology assisting his heart. An LVAD is a portable device that allows patients to continue doing their normal activities while they await transplant.

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