“My mistake was in not showing too much interest in finding out what he actually did for a living . When we started dating, he told me he was working for a construction company before he was laid off and currently into different businesses. I saw him as a young man working very hard and doing well for himself. We went out almost every evening and he would spend so much.

The day I found out what he did for a living, we had gone out as usual. On our way, we sighted NDLEA officers at a Police checkpoint. He quickly gave me a small envelope and instructed me to put it under my blouse. It happened so fast that I started wondering where he brought it out from. After we passed the officers, he asked if I knew what he had given me and then told me it was cocaine. He told me how he was introduced to the business when he was running taxi services at the airport. After that day, I started thinking of a way to cut off from him without raising dust.

During that period, I followed him to his business dealings. He said he trusted me and knew I would never betray him. He taught me the names of all the drugs. Prior to that time, I didn’t know there were varieties. I saw very young girls in private schools pay hundreds of thousands on drugs. I saw politicians and respected people in the society. The one that shocked me the most was a lead singer in one of these popular churches. He said he didn’t believe when she told him she sang in the choir till she invited him.

To satisfy my own curiosity, I followed him to the church one evening after he had sold to her. I opened my mouth wide staring at her as she sang and spoke in tongues. Funnily enough, he himself didn’t take any.

Gradually, I started pulling away. Whenever he called, I’d look for an excuse. If he came by my house, I’d tell him I wasn’t around. He tried to talk me out of breaking up with him but my constant avoidance and not responding to him finally made him let me go.

While I was still with him, I tried to make him stop but that was his source of livelihood and it paid well. Nothing I said got to him. The temptation to just stay with him and be careful was there, but I knew the risk involved and wouldn’t want to be made a scapegoat for something I have no hand in. “

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