This is Mrs Christiana Oluwasesin. She was lynched by Islamic Extremists in Gombe State in 2007 after a female student in the school she was teaching at accused her of touching the Quran during an examination she was invigilating. (Investigation would later prove, she was innocent of the fact)
She was dragged, stoned, and stabbed to death, her body was eventually set on fire because they don’t believe she deserved a befitting burial.
Her killers were caught during the uproar and they were arrested, they even confessed to killing her, but they were later released and set free by those in charge of getting her Justice.
Up till this day, 15 years later, no Justice has been served. Her killers still walk free till this day. While her husband and children are yet to recover from the shock.
The sad part about her death was that, there were evidence that proved she might have been targeted long before the day she was killed! It’s totally shocking! And sad 😭

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