Pls if you’re in the North, don’t make careless statement about Islam or Noble Prophet Muhammad S.A.W that may endanger ur life. There are some places you don’t also misbehave with Christians unless you want to put urself in trouble…🤔

If you’re in the south don’t do same against their traditional worshippers unless you just want them to sacrifice you to their gods.

And if you are in the East, don’t even try defile their sit at home order or talk against their supreme leader mazi Nnamdi kanu unless you want them to cut off ur head together with d private part.

This is how every region in Nigeria hold unto their beliefs so dearly that some can go to any length to protect it with whatever means available to them.
Pls make sure you are properly guided wherever you find in urself in those places, bcos our people says; when you travel to Rome make sure you behave like Romans until you return to ur base.

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