They are dragging WizKid on Instagram for not posting and celebrating his son Tife’s birthday the whole day.

My advice to women; not every man wants a child with you.

Before you get pregnant for any man, be sure that the man is also interested in having a child with you.

He has a right to decide if he is ready to be a father emotionally, mentally, socially, physically and financially. Men prepares for fatherhood, but women are naturally born to be mothers.

But if you must do it on your own, be prepared to move on and raise your child alone without involving the man.

Sometimes a man who doesn’t like you might forever transfer that dislike to the child you made with him. Please don’t put an innocent child through such rejection or forced love, this is why someone like me would prefer to raise the child alone, even in the poorest conditions on earth, than try forcing a man to be a father to my child.

I can’t mentally damage my child because of a father who wants to be absent, trust me this might affect the child’s esteem on the long run, and as a mother, it’s my duty to raise a very confident adult.

This is the case of WizKid’s first baby mama and WizKid since this boy was born.

Parenting is not just about money.

I know some people will come and make excuses about how both of them made the baby.

But the fact remains that at the end of the day, a woman bears the consequences of unprotected s£x, because apparently, she will carry the pregnancy alone, and be forced into motherhood by nature after nine months. Yes, that nine months period makes women naturally become ready to protect and love the baby they nutured in their wombs.

This is why if you as a woman do not also like condoms, be on contraceptives if you are s£xually active, unless you are ready ready for motherhood and ready to do it alone.

You can defend it all you like, we also know that we have more runaway fathers than mothers all over the world. This is why a woman needs to protect her s£x life against every Tom, Dick and Harry that makes passes at her.

Lastly stop trying to trap a man with a baby because he is doing well, or rich. It might not end well.

Happy birthday Tife! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

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