Work hard so that in your old age you have something for yourself , forget about the children and their mother.

You are the only stranger in that family you call yours, that house is for your wife and kids ! My grandfather told me that a married man is like a tractor that builds a road, does it very nicely BUT when the road is completed , they bring a low loader and carry the tractor away claiming it will spoil the road!! That tractor is never allowed to step on the road it built !

Same case to a married man, you deny yourself , get loans , wear used clothes to see your children through high school and college because we believe that the only gift you can give your children is quality education cos there are no more shambas!!

When the children hit teenage, now the Father is dispensable, most of these women poison the children against their father, language like “If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have studied, he was only interested in alcohol and women!! Now the tractor is about to be carried away!!!

Once the children start working , mzee has retired and when the children come visiting the poor mzee is given two hundred infront of the mother , while the mother pulls them to the kitchen and the Father doesn’t know what mama has been given! Once the children drive off, the mzee is told to buy sugar with the two hundred unless he wants to drink sugarless tea!! These are some of the reasons why men die early and leave widows behind suffering !! I have seen mothers fly abroad to visit their children while the mzee is left at home looking after their two cows, ever wondered why?

That poison spread by mothers towards the mzee !! Dear men work hard and save something for yourself because nowadays aging without property is almost like a death sentence !!! Wake up struggle while you can before your old age.”

👀👀 FOR MEN ONLY: Hunmm! That is if you’re not given slow acting poison to finish you off. On the man’s demise, when someone asks; “Baba nkô o” Mama would reply “Baba tilôsinmii”, Baba has gone to rest. May Allah save us from wicked wives. Amen.

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