True Life
(Long post,no vex)

When the hunter becomes the hunted

While at Maikunkele in Minna, we attended Tundu fulani Celestial church of christ(CCC), a white garment church.
I was newly married and about 6 weeks pregnant, already went to Ikosi ketu for my anointing and got my blue amure(loincloth worn by prophetess).
Usually at church, prophets and prophetess are called to pray for people and prophesy or let then know if there was a revelation.
That was how I became frequently part of the prayer team attending to all visitors coming for solutions to their problem.
There was this lady called Queen from Oredo LGA, Benin.
She was very beautiful,young looking dark glowing-skinned plump and average height of 5 feet 5 woman who was also a single mother with 2 sons and had a resturant in Tunga; she said she was previously attending CCC in Tundun wadah.

Queen(her real name) came with lots of grieviances and pains with vengeance.
She told us a story of how a man who promised her marriage she supported with all the money she made from her resturant du.mped her to marry another person.
She was hurt and heartbr.oken that she was used.

The head prophet leading the prayers, Woleader Gabriel (prophet Gabriel) asked if she wants us to pray for her ex to come back to her? She said no, that she learnt he is married.

She said she wants her ex and his new wife to suffer.
She said she wanted us to pray whoever the man marries to be barren and not know peace in the marriage because the person took her man and was enjoying what was supposed to be hers. Even as she spoke you could see her pain because she was crying and swearing in Bini dialect imploring ogun to pun.ish her ex and his new wife.
Woleader Gabriel asked if she knew the new wife and if the new wife snatched her man from her.
She said no, that she didn’t know the person he married but that she heard he met and married the person few months after he broke up with her.
We were confused at her misplaced anger.
Woleader Gabriel told her we can’t lay curses on the new wife since she didn’t snatch the man from her, it was the man’s decision to leave her.
If there was anyone to be angry with, it should be the man who promised her marriage then broke his promise after taking huge sums of money from her making her believe they were building their home together.
He suggested we pray for healings for her and for God to give her a better husband who will not disappoint her.
Grudginly, she agreed.
We started with 3 songs: “Fun wa n’ife lati orun wa, ko ya to ninu ife, ife ti f’aya ra isoro, ife lati orun wa…”(give us divine love from heaven) “Jah kira hiri Jah oluwa, Oba olusegun, wa segun ota fun wa…(King conquerer, come conquer the enemies for us…)
“Ka sise fun iwenu mo emi wa. K’oluwa fi le wa pelu wa. Ka sise sise fun ijo Jehova Ka si ranti orun mimo”(Let’s work for the purification of our souls , that the lord may be with us in truth and in spirit God bless…)
Jehovah, Jesu kristi, Michael Mimo…
Reluctantly, she said amen as we prayed.

When we were done praying, I noticed she hung around as we were praying for others.
Finally through with series of prayers, I went to Ile anu(mercyland) which felt like a beach becasue it was an opening fenced and filled with beach sands meant for meditations and prayers.
She came to join me for more chats as woman to woman.
Another prophetess called Funmi came as well.
We sat crossed legged on the sand, facing the 7 lit candles at the alter in ile anu chatting.
Athough the dry harmattan at this period tore at our sutana(white garments) blowing chilly cold air and dust all over us; but the bright unforgivingly hot sun Northern Nigeria is knwon for warmed us persistently, making us feel warm and cold intermittently like one having malaria fever chills.
We prefered the peace and quietness of ile anu and chose to enjoy the hot and cold chills rather than go inside the church and not be left alone because you’re a prophetess.
We felt sorry for her again.
She said everytime she imagine him with any other woman her blood will be boiling; that her money was part of what her ex used to buy the house he was living with his new wife. So she wanted both ex and new wife to suffer.
I asked how she knew. She said their friend called Suzzie and Kalu updated her regularly.

I was just 19, straight out of catholic boarding school and a month old married; I didn’t know nothing about heartbreaks in relationship, dating and marriage and so couldn’t understand her logic.
But I felt sad for her that a man could treat her that badly and left her broken.
I said Karma will get him for all he did to you. But if you want, I can pray your ex will not do well in life until he come back to apologise and beg you; but for the new wife, I won’t go there as she may not be aware of what he did to you.

She said ok,unsatisfied.

I said I’ll need his name and if possibly you have his picture I’ll give you a candle to pray on and use it to do the work.

She said she had his picture and will bring it the next Friday for the prayer work.
On friday the following week, I went to prenatal at Rainbow clinic in Chanchaga because I was bleeding. I was supposed to be at church but anyone in their period or bleeding can’t enter the church so I went home and sent my mom to tell the team I couldn’t go to church until the bleeding stopped.
By tuesday, I was clear and went to do iyasi mimo(sanctification) by bathing with bucket of water and candle prayed on before wearing my white garment and entering the church.
I was told Queen was coming everyday to ask for me.
As they were updating me on what we the prophets and prophetess need to do, she came.
I followed her out away from others and got a chair to sit down rather than stand as usual because my doctor said the bleeding was caused as a result of threatened abortion(miscarriage) and recommend I avoid streneous works and stress.
She brought the candle and her ex picture.
I took it from her and look at it.
I was grateful I was sitting down while she knelt for prayers because if I was standing I would have fall down on my face!

Her ex was my then husband; I was the new wife she wanted me to harm…

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