“Two weeks ago, I caught this Muslim man observing his prayer at the corridor of our church; right at the entrance of the door of the church. I snapped him and moved away. I didn’t interrupt his prayer. My secretary only asked him if he knew he was doing that by the door of a church… He didn’t even see it as anything serious. What tolerance do we preach by stoning and burning?” – Niyi Adebayo

“This incident happened at Ogbomoso and the church is directly opposite the LAUTECH College of Health Sciences IN OYO”

The question in my heart is can I stand to pray in Jesus’ name in the corridor of a mosque in Kaduna without being stoned to death?

This is to butress the slogan wheen they go Low, you go high..

I am sure God is looking proudly at Christians in Nigeria. Religious intolerance only breeds chaos and catastrophe.

However it is time for Christians in Nigeria to begin to speak in one voice.

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