Tunga Minna
True life story

When the hunter becomes the hunted Part 2.

(Super long post alert)

…I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I realized I was the new wife she wanted to harm with my help.

As I sat there with my heart racing and head spinning, trying not to react at all because of what my doctor told me; I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced high blood pressure and warned to avoid stress of any kind which would’ve been easy to do if not for my ex past catching up with us.

Now, a lot of things started making sense to me…
I’ll have to explain how my ex-husband met and became my father’s friend to understand where I’m going with this true story.

My father was a superintendent of Police transferred from Otuocha Aguleri in Anambra state in 1987 to Minna Niger state Police force headquarters in Yakubu Lami road and posted to their Operations and training department abbreviated as “B Opts”.

It was while there as the deputy head that my father met my ex-husband and they became friends while I was still away in dormitory in an all girls school called St John of God secondary school Awka.
I asked my father in August 1989 how they met and this is what he told me.

He said one jumai (friday)afternoon, signal was sent to his department to send policemen asap to kasua gwari(Gwari market) to quell the revolt and commotion happening there; that a commercial taxi knocked down two old men riding vespa towards the market from mosque.
This was like poking the bear.
And some muslims extremists were going to see this as an affront.
Rightly so, angry muslims leaving the mosque attacked the taxi and beat up the driver until he was rescued by market guards/vigilantes in the area while the car was set on fire.
He was told the two men were rushed to Minna General hospital which was down the road opposite Kasua gwari.
They were not clear on the conditions of the victims but the driver of the taxi was locked for his safety in one of the market stall while the islamic mob threatened to burn down the market if he wasn’t released to them.
Everyone knew incidents like this in Northern Nigeria can easily escalate into major religious war if care wasn’t taken.
Signals were being sent to all police commands close to the market.
Lorries of policemen rushed to the venue to go douse the tension and save the market and sellers from impending doom.
Vehicles were being vandalized and attempt to set the market ablaze.
My father said they reasoned that if they can confirm that the two victims rushed to the hospital were in stable conditions and not dead, it will be easier to pacify the irate mob waiting to lynch the driver who hurt 2 of their own.
Luckily, both victims were not dead, one was critical in ICU while the other who was the driver of the vespa was awake with minor injuries.
So they scrambled to have Minna radio announce that the victims were ok and get the driver who was less injured interviewed by Chaka Adaba(famous radio presenter of Radio Minna in the late 80s.) This was because most of the aboki/mallams had small radios they listened to and carry around and will be reached faster that way.
There were no social media nor internet this period.
Within hours, what would’ve led to gore was deescalated to yellings but no more burning of any vehicle or stalls.
The taxi driver was whisked away in a police patrol van and locked up in police cell. While chief imam announced in the loud speaker that the two men were ok, everyone should go home.

My father said upon interrogation, they learnt the driver was a new hire who had little or no experience driving and was from south as presumed.
Who said he newly got the job and was worried about what the taxi owner will do to him when he finds out his car was burnt beyond recognition because of his carelessness.

The next day, the owner of the taxi who said he saw the news on TV but didn’t know it was his car and driver that was involved came.
He was my ex-husband.
Upon learning that my father was in charge of the matter and both of them were from Bendel state(before it was split into Edo and Delta states). My father said he referred to him as his elder brother and pleaded for his help as he incurred the biggest loss in the whole ugly incident.
He was told to settle the hospital bills of the victims and bail his driver which he did.
From there he asked where my father lived and they were shocked to realized they both lived in senior quarters of the low cost housing estate in Maikunkele Minna and both attended Celestial church of Christ.
They started visiting eachother.
Then my ex-husband opened up to my father that he was plagued with series of misfortunes; he said the taxi driver incident was one of the misfortunes he has been experiencing since he left Tunga to Maikunkele.
He told my father that some business partner cut him out of a business deal costing him loss of millions of naira he was still going to Public defense office to file claims for but that because the person was a relative of late Mariam Babangida, which meant he was above the law as inlaw of the then head of state so the case was going nowhere.
I recollected following him to court and public defence office for hearings of this matter then and even praying for him to get back his millions after we got married because things were so hard we starved half the time and were being fed by my parents.
He confirmed that was the 2nd of his transport that was lost without compensation.
Also, the house he bought when federal government decided to allocat the low cost housing estate to the general public, which was two rows from the one my father lived in House 42, senior quarters, was the one he supposedly bought with part of Queen’s money.
Unfortunately, I just came from school when one heavy rain fell and blew only his apartment roof away.
He came to report to my father that he woke up in the middle of the night to find himself looking at the black sky with rain pouring down his face before asking for help that night.
It was shown amongst properties in Bosso the heavy downpour damaged with few trees uprooted and my ex husband flat being the only one in the estate damaged on Minna TV.
His L-shaped couch settee and persian rugs were floating in muddy waters; parts of his front wall collapsed too leaving debris and bricks everywhere.
That was long before I was married off to him.

Surprisingly, his neighbor who shared same building with him heard nothing and had no damage to his flat roof save for the edge around the wall separating their flats.
It was as if the winds used a sissor to cut the roof of my then husband flat only and blow it off.
He was only able to recoup few of his belongings and squatted with a friend while trying to sort out his damages and compensation from the authorities selling the low cost housing estate.
Eventually, he was offered a smaller flat in the junior quarters of the same low cost housing estate as compensation for his loss which was more like a demotion because the junior quarters were room and parlor (1 bedroom) while the senior quarters were three bedrooms.

It was the newly allocated compensation flat in junior quarters I moved into when we got married.

Contrary what what Queen assumed, we weren’t enjoying her money; we could barely feed and had to depend on my parents for feeding. I still remembered our little flat house number 206, junior quarters, first gate. We only had 2 chairs,a mattress on the floor and stove with some plates.
No carpet nor TV nor anything. All cars were gone, we flew okada or rode Minna public transportation bus.
The beatings started immediately too from uppercut to jab to full time local blows.
I don’t know what bliss Queen thought was hers she assumed I was enjoying instead of thanking God for dodging a bu.llet.
The only time there was peace in my new marriage was when I was at the church.
But her blood was boiling based on her imaginations.
Karma had started doing its work diligently as soon as he left her even when she didn’t know it.

He already suspected something wasn’t right in his life and was running all over the place seeking solution before marrying me as solution to his problems.
When I dreamt part of his problem had to do with a woman from Benin, I told him few days after marriage.
But he never told me about Queen or any other woman.
And there were many more I never knew about…

Although, he acted shocked for how I knew that from dream.
Later, we heard a new prophet was transferred to Tundu fulani CCC called Daddy Averehi, we went there (though he was still secretly going all over the place to alfa, native doctors and other seers for solution out of desperation.)
When he asked me what can be done, I told him he needed to go do appeasement in either Benin or beg the particular lady he offended.
He asked me to describe the woman in my dream not knowing he wanted to know which of the Benin babes as they were plenty he hurt, I told him the truth that I didnt see her face. I just heard someone told me to tell my husband to go beg a Benin woman he offended for his way to open or else he’ll keep experiencing calamities…

To be continued…

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