On Tinder.

I got matched with Mercy Lambo from BBN.

Small Father Figure like me? Matched with Amerigbo?

I must be the luckiest man in the world!

Couldn’t hide my excitement. Wanted to message her immediately, but I thought better of it. I didn’t want her to think I was desperate.

I got a new message. Opened my tinder and it was her!

Such a humble Queen. I must have judged her harshly in the past.

“Hey Fine Man.” She texted.

“Is that really you? The Queen of highlights?!” I replied.

“Yes, baby. It’s your one and only Lambo!” She said.

I still couldn’t believe my eyes.

We got talking.

Can you believe Mercy Lambo asked if I really had 9 Inches like it was written on my bio?

Oh my God! So, Lambo was interested in my 9 inches? Damn! Such a bad geh.

“It’s a little below 9,” I replied humbly.

“Bring it to mama!” She replied.

Arghhhhh! Mercy Lambo! Come to mama? I am ready. Even ready to be her houseboy.

All was going well, until she said she needed a small favour from me.

“Can you please, help me with 2k airtime so I can subscribe and keep chatting with you? My bank has network issues.”

I was about to reply her when I got a match from Jennifer Aniston.

Lambo, you’ll have to wait, dear.

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