Tundu Fulani, Minna
True life story
(super long post. thanks for understanding)

…I got up shaking, with his picture, Queen and I both went inside the church to the other prophets chatting with Olusho(Shepherd Daddy Averehi)
I told them I was the new wife Queen ex married that she wanted barren without peace.
Everyone jaw dropped as they gaped at us.

Our Olusho(Shepherd) Daddy Averehi laughed.

He know my then husband because he was a member of the church too though not frequent.
Daddy Averehi said there’s more, looking at our senior woleader who was an army W02 called Opaleye.( Nick Tuboere Harry you know him in our church); he worked with my ex-husband elder brother who was Army Brigadier General in Command school Jaji and knew my ex husband and his wayward “iwa palapala” but didn’t want to tell me when he heard we got married because he said he hoped he had changed.

I looked at senior Woleader, he was avoiding my gaze by staring at the church ceiling.

Another army senior leader kept staring at his toenails too.

I was shaking, breathing from my mouth as it hit me that I walked into a union with a total stranger my father didn’t know at all and wondered what else we didn’t know about him.

Woleader Opaleye knew the Auchi lady my ex husband denied her pregnancy in Kaduna who gave birth to his first son in 1980 and others but was adviced not to tell me.

When I asked my ex husband if he has ever been married before or had any children.
He replied never; no previous marriage nor children at all. And swore in the name of Jesus Mary, Joseph and their malebi(clan) that he was a single bachelor with no children ever.

Why would a man deny his own children?
But again, after I ran and left the marriage in 1998, he told his new wife that he was never married nor had any children even when he had my 3 kids and the 2 from two other women making it 5 children.

He was still lying to his women. May God forgive you P…..

When I asked my ex husband if he knew the woman he offended in my dream,
My then husband said he knew who the woman was that she was his elder brother’s wife who was from a village in Benin city that hated him when he lived with his brother in Jaji.
He went for more spiritual consultations and even traveled to visit the lady in Benin; or so I thought…

It was years later I learnt there was no brother’s wife in Benin; the person he thought was the cause I mentioned in my dream was another Benin lady he dated and abandoned when she became pregnant for him in 1987. She had his second son he neglected too.

I hadn’t known during this period that he stepped on so many toes.

I wasn’t aware of Queen or the Benin lady that he abandoned from when she was 3 months pregnant who gave birth to his second son in 1987 or the Auchi lady that gave birth to his first son in 1980 he denied paternity of, or the Ewu lady called Ogbihiagha in Uzogholo, a deadlocked priestess, he dated in 1988 who he also promised marriage and took money she borrowed off meeting/cooperative society from to help him do works for his progress and he abandoned as soon as progress came, who ended up coming to confront me at my shop in ukpenu road Ekpoma in 1991 June, vowing that I will not prosper or make anything from the store where I sold grains because she thought it was her money he used to open the shop for me, not knowing that my father was the one bankrolling us for the past 6 years of the marriage…

I could’ve pretended my marriage was made in heaven and we were enjoying fake marital bliss to Queen that afternoon; but I decded to come clean to her.

I told her I was her ex new wife and everything she wanted for him and me was already happeneing; she was looking at me like you’d look if you saw a snake on your bed; fear mixed with anger.
I made her understand her cries were not in vain because her ex-my then husband, was already reaping what he sowed, I told her he was du.ped of millions and lost all his businesses and cars. Her fear and anger receded as I spoke.
I opened up to her that I was pregnant and bleeding on and off with threatened miscarriage. I saw a mixture of sadness and curiosity for more in her eyes.
I told her it was my parents that was feeding us because my then husband lost everything and he was taking his frustrations on me by beating me at the slightest provocation, I made her understand there was niether love nor peace in my marriage.
There was nothing to envy, it was hell and beacause of my catholic background, I was doomed already as no divorce but she still had the oppurtunity to meet a better person.
That she should be grateful she didn’t end up with my then husband. He wasn’t worth it.
She weak.
By the time I was done talking she drew closer to me and placed on hand on my shoulder calling me “my sister” you know nothing bond women more stronger than glue as stories of men who did them dirty. Now we knew it wasn’t us; it was him.
We both were in tears; her, for what she thought he was, that was hers she lost;
and me, for what he truly is, that was mine, I wished I lost…

I was tempted to lay curses on my then husband too but restrained myself because I knew my spirit guide; also he was already accusing me of witchcraft because everytime he maltreated me he gets it back ten times more.
When I told my father about his friend, he said there’s no one without past that Queen probably exaggerated the facts.
That it was in the past, I should keep praying for my ex-husband that as a wife it was my job to pray for him to avert curses like that. It was why he gave me to him to marry to save him and make his life better and progressive.
That all men are the same that it was because I was sheltered all through in girls only catholic school I didn’t know nothing about men and life.
He reminded me no divorce whatsoever, that women are suposed to endure anything their husband does and forgive them.
Me sef naive mumu and inexperienced with bible quote “honor thy father and mother” no gree me argue with my father.
I thought I was being an obedient child honoring and obeying my parents in the Lord so that “my days may be long” until I realized my days will be cut short if I stayed married to my ex-husband, before I finally borrow sense and liver run 9 years later!

The Olusho summoned my ex husband to come see him and told me not to tell him why.
When he finally came and was told, he lied that Queen was a single mother he was pitying and helping that they never dated at all; Woleader Opaleye kept clearing his throat and picking his jaw. Olusho said if my ex husband was willing to swear on the bible that he didn’t date and took money from Queen; he kept quiet scared, because we knew Daddy Averehi was a powerful prophet too.
He was admonished and told Queen was placated but he should mind how he treated people.

Even after all these we were still struggling and broke with everything my ex husband lay his hands on falling apart.
I began petty trading to provide for the house as he appeared to be cur.s.ed all through the marriage…

I was selling fufu after losing my bank job in 1996 when I met a former Minna Celestial member who was Esan during harvest in Ekpoma parish.
She said she visited home and decided to attend our harvest.
We greeted and catch up on our friends at CCC Tundu fulani-those who left and the ones who died; she said by the way remember Queen? I said yes now, she said Queen married a guy who took her and her sons to Germany o. She has a daughter now and has completed her house in Benin sef.
It was like a horse kicked me in my chest.
I said when next you talk to her tell her to thank God for my then husband disapointing her, na she for dey chop awoof blows and selling fufu along Emaudo market road as I’m doing now smelling like the fart of someone who ate cooked beans with egg.
She laughed and said it is well with you obhio, at least you’re still married…I kept quiet…She didn’t know those unmarried were better off than I was.

That dreadlocked priestess from Ewu saw me in Ekpoma market-the one by roadside close to opoji junction where I dey buy fruits in 2005 when I went to process my NYSC exemption certificate at school. She said she wanted to apologise for coming to attack me at my shop in Ukpenu road because of your husband; I tell am say which husband?
She burst out laughing shaking her head. She said her conscience was judging her later then she did consultations and was told to beg me that I was senior to her in divination but she couldn’t locate me at the family house in Ewu. I say no ma, you no senior me, you’re 12 years older than me…I throway husband run with my children make my enemy no go die for nothing.
She insisted I was her senior and prayed for me, we hugged and went our seperate ways.

It was around 2010, that my ex husband second son born by the Benin lady, we connected on facebook and we became family as I introduced him to his half siblings.
He told me him and his mother thought me and my children were the ones enjoying while his father turned his back on his mother and him while growing up; he said he was resenting my children for getting all the love and affection of a father he didn’t get.
It was my turn to laugh and ask which love and affection? Children he disowned and vow not to spend a kobo for since 1998 we ran away? He was shocked.
I linked him up with my kids since they’re siblings. He is now my son as well and I love him as my own.

My point for this long epistle is to let you know there’s no getting away with nothing.
You can’t sow cassava and reap cocoyam.

Those who treat others ba.dly and do na.sty things to others thinking they’re smart and will get away with it, will still reap same in the future.
The predator will become the prey.
As for those betrayed and du.ped, God is a God of vengeance.
That you don’t see the person suffering immediately doesn’t mean they got away with it.
Dry your tears. God will fight for you, hold your peace.
One thing I can tell you is you may not be able to decide when the evil ones reap their rewards much as you want it immediately.
But Evil shall slay the wicked- Psalm 34:21.

Those of you hurting because someone broke your heart and left you, breathe.
They won’t get away with nothing. Also, what you’re mourning that you lost is not as good as what God will compensate you with; God knows how to give you double for your trouble.

Galatians 6:7
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Amen.

The End.

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