Ladies beware!!!

I went to Abuja 2020 to visit my brother’s fiancee(Favour)… One Abuja guy shock me Sha😢
I met this guy at the gym and he opted to be my trainer, I no gree but I come see am the train others so I accepted.

After 3days he started pressuring me to know where I stay, I told him Gwarimpa estate and bros started telling me how that place is too crowded for his liking. To cut a long story short… He called me one Saturday and told me he’s coming to visit me. I said okay, Favour told me to be careful with Abuja boys. I told her “I gat this”

I was supposed to go to the salon with favour but decided to stay at home to wait for him. He finally came and I gave him food, he was eating and still telling me how he doesn’t like the area…

Bros chop finish come tell me say, he’s so tired and sleepy, that I should let him sleep for sometimes. I said okay and he laid down and slept off. This guy no gree wake up till evening when Favour don comeback and we even made dinner o.

He come wake up maybe because he perceive food… He started saying why didn’t you wake me, I just look at him and smiled. He started acting as if he was living when Favour ask him to stay and have dinner with us… This guy surprisingly didn’t reject the offer oooo.😒

He finished eating and started gisting unnecessarily, before we knew it, it was 11pm… He started complaining how he’s going to get home and asking us if he can crash for the night.

Favour asked him for his location, he mentioned it and after about 15min a bot driver pulled up in front of our compound and favour told him that’s your ride…

The guy started complaining that he didn’t come out with his wallet, bla bla bla… That was how Favour paid for his trip and he left. I just stood there not knowing what to say 😔

Abuja boys, I hail una….😏


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