Suspected ‘yahoo boy’ continues muttering incantation after being arrested for k#lling his pregnant girlfriend for ritual

A suspected ‘yahoo boy’ has been arrested by the police in Ogun State for allegedly killing his 18-year-old pregnant girlfriend for ritual purposes.

The suspect, identified simply as Toba, allegedly attacked and killed the victim, Tunrayo Odubanjo, inside a bush close to his house in Mowe area of the state, on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.

The suspect lured her into the bush, where he beat her up and used a broken tiles to cut her throat.

According to a source, “He was caught inside KaraNla Ogunrun in Mowe. He was found trying to bathe with the victim’s blood while standing over her dead body.”

In the video, he said, “I’m now a powerful being. Whatever I have done now will be without repercussion. May they be bringing money to me every morning. People will love me the same way these onlookers are gathered around me now. May the world love me.”

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