I was once taken on an express highway ride by a New York based lady . When I chatted with her real self on video , I did not like what I saw so I ghosted her .

She now went and created another facebook profile or got hold of a friend’s profile I cannot even remember which one but the new profile had photos of a babe to die for total spec . I fell hard for this new babe who sent me a friend request and started chatting me up .

The new babe refused video calls but accepted audio calls and she was speaking with a British accent that gladdened my heart wellla . I am a sucker for British accent . So she started asking me for my recent relationships and I was like none really , as there wad none at that moment .
She later asked about those I chatted with and I said the last one was in New York and she was fat on video so I ghosted her .

She was quiet for a while then excused herself that something came up that she would call back . When she came back hours later she asked me for £500 help with that her calm British accent and I wasted no time transferring it to her friend’s account name she was using to chat me up .

She called back the next day to thank me she got the money in her British accent She suddenly just changed to her Nigerian accent that I am familiar with telling me , “when you called me fat the other day , I excused myself from
that call to go and cry , I was so hurt ‘. I came back the next day with the pretense that I need an emergency help of £500 knowing that an ’Olodo’ like you looking for a fine babe will waste no time sending it . That is your fine for calling me fat “.

Ọmọ I almost peed in my pants . How was I supposed to know that it was the babe that I rejected that that cooked up
a fake profile just to find out why I ghosted her ? If you are not on video seeing the person never express your true Opinion about any person or topic if the person is not in front of you . You may be expressing your views unknowingly to him or her .

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