It is commendable that Charlie Boy led a protest against the jungle justice meted out on Deborah in Sokoto and David Umoh in Lekki. But at least some of their killers are already in jail and are being prosecuted. What is Charlie Boy doing about the beheading of Honourable Okoye, which happened in his SE zone? No one has been arrested or jailed for that barbaric murder.

What about the army couple that were also beheaded in Charlie Boy’s zone? Why has he not led a protest for them?

Are we trying to say it is alright for jungle justice to be done in our own zones, but when it happens in another zone we will leave what happened in our backyard to protest what happened far away?

The eagerness for people from the South to speak against the Deborah burning in Sokoto, while being silent about the beheading of Hon. Okoye and the army couple in the SE speaks volumes. The beheading of the army couple occurred long before Deborah. Where was Charlie Boy?

Yesterday, a pregnant Adamawa woman and her four children were killed in Anambra. Look at how we were all silent on social media. If Northerners kill a pregnant Southerner and her 4 children in Kano, we would have broken the Internet. Am I lying?

Let us be objective for once. Jungle justice happened in Lekki and in Sokoto. Culprits were arrested. It happened in the SE with the beheading of the army couple and Hon. Okoye. NOBODY was arrested. Yet, Charlie Boy is protesting the ones where people were arrested?

Charlie, charity begins at home, not in Sokoto!

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