For those that didn’t know this,
Here is the current full list of the Nigerian Army Ranks plus their monthly earnings.

Private Soldier monthly pay is N49, 000
Lance Corporal monthly pay is N55, 000
Corporal monthly pay is N58, 000
Sergeant monthly pay is N63, 000
Staff Sergeant monthly pay is N68, 000
Warrant Officer monthly pay is N80, 000
Master Warrant Officer monthly pay is N90, 000
Second Lieutenant monthly salary is N120,000
Lieutenant earns N180,000 monthly
Captain monthly salary is N220,000
Major monthly pay is N300,000
Lieutenant Colonel monthly pay is N350,000
Colonel monthly pay is N550,000
Brigadier General monthly pay is N750,000
Major General monthly pay is N950,000
Lieutenant General is paid N1,000,000 monthly
General earns N1,500,000 monthly

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