Some weeks ago, I was traveling from Onitsha to Abuja with GIGM, on getting to Asaba, a woman asked the Driver to turn down the volume of the radio set so that she can commit the journey in the hands of Jesus; the Chief Driver and the driver complied.

She started some worship songs, after which she quoted some places in the Bible, preached and prayed thereafter. After few seconds, the driver continued with the music.

On getting to Onitsha Ugbo, I dipped hand inside my bad and brought out native kola and asked the Driver to please stop the music that I want to hand the journey over to Okporo Ụzọ, the Driver did.

The bus was so calm and I started summoning all the forces I know; ogwugwu, udo, ezenwanyi, ezenwoke, okporo ụzọ, anyanwụ, Chim, agwụ, ndị ichié, ụmụ ada, ọda ọmụmụ, ngwu, akpu and host of them, I asked them for journey mercy, protection, and all manner of goodies I can ever think of and to my greatest surprise, I got a sounding Iseeeeeeee from 2 guys in the bus including the Driver.

I broke the kola and gave the 2 guys, including the Driver and they all ate with laughter and the woman turned to me and was like; nna, what type of nonsense is this? Why are you inviting demons into this journey? Why are you doing this? You never care to know if we all in this bus believed in this nonsense you did.

Obi Anaedo was like; Madam, same nonsense you did when the bus left Onitsha, why did you invite Jesus to come all the way from Nazareth to come and grant your heart desires when the ones we have here are more powerful? Did you also care if we all in this bus are Christians? Omo come see laughter in the bus coupled with the sound of the kola in those guy’s mouth.

I’m not ashamed of the gospel of my ancestors. He or She who denies his ancestors, his or her children will also deny him or her.

Ǹkwọ kwọtara anyị ife ọma….

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