Shock and disappointment await a lot of politicians this 2023. Lots of political landlords and caretakers will be retired finally and new forces will emerge within the political horizon. Voting is not going to be influenced by party loyalty, but by individual attributes and characters.
The greatest shame to our political advancement and also our greatest drawback towards making impactful socio-political progress are not, unlike what you think, the politicians. Yes, am sure my assertion will shock you, but wait until l land. Our worst hindrance comes from the judiciary.
Insecurity will reduce, infrastructures will improve, good and quality leadership will be achieved in any society where the judiciary does its work effectively.
When and if the judiciary sits up and looks at election results critically and install that fear to do the right thing or go to jail on the political class no matter who you are, our politicians will sit up.
Once elections are won on merit the political class will develop as each political party will search for those who can deliver. Imagine who our society will shape in a few years if the political class focus is centered on service delivery? Imagine a society where the leader is the people anointed, not the godfather appointed? Imagine a society where the funds used in lobbying delegates are contributed by the people? Imagine a society where the funds used in settling godfathers are deployed into infrastructural developments?
That’s a society that can only be made possible when the judiciary sits up and stop shamelessly collecting money from the political class to betray the trust God imposed on them as the final judges of their people. Imagine if these judges stop mortgaging the future of their children and grandchildren over a pot of yam?
Do you see this 2023? The name of Buhari is not going to be on the ballot box so the issue of using it to blackmail APC in the South-East and South-south will not be too effective a campaign slogan. Besides, PDP has proven not to be better than APC.
IN THE EAST, NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE HAPPY WITH PDP and they are going to show it through protest voting.
Shocks and wonder awaits PDP in the east.

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