When Seun of Channels Television asked Wike on his opinion on Peter Obi’s resignation from the party, he said;

Peter Obi would have never won PDP presidential primary.. I hear people talk about money money but that’s not really the issue. How can someone who visited various states telling delegates how he has only one shoe, how he carries his bag himself think of securing delegates support?

Remember that I told Anambra delegates not to waste their votes.. A man that has never won any election for the party in his state since he left APGA and government house, how do you think he can win a presidential primary? He said he saw something wrong in PDP few hours to primary, how can someone who has been with the party for years and was a running mate in past presidential election say such, so didn’t he observe those things since? He is not serious, he only chickened out because he knew he won’t win and his absence will never be missed.

  • Nyesom Wike on Channels Television.

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