The guy on the 1st picture is named Jafaru, is an uncle to the girl on the 2nd picture, named Amina. He deceived her that he was taking her to his house in Kano but she shouldn’t tell anyone as he wanted to surprise them there in Kano. Lo and behold, the girl agreed.

He ordered that, she should go and bring out her bag, fortunately, her brother saw her and asked where she was going to and she told him that their uncle is taking her to Kano.

However, after sometimes of not seeing the girl, a search has begun and in the course of looking for her, her brother said, he saw her and this was what she told him. Hence, the Uncle was arrested and interrogated but denied the allegations. So, he was released on bail.

Therefore, when he was under bail he called his friend from Jos to come and complete the job for him to collect some millions from her parents. But the guy was so furious after knowing that the girl was his niece. So the uncle gave him the number he’d call to demand a ransom. But the guy instead informed the father’s brother on phone about her uncle’s devilish intention. In fact, he came in person.

The uncle was then, rearrested and after a serious interrogation, he confessed of the allegations and told them that he has already killed and buried her in his house in Kano. When reaching Kano, he showed them where he buried her and they found out that he has brought out her skull before burying her straight on her feet.

Surprisingly, he snapped and recorded her videos before killing her which he has intended to use them to collect ransom from her parents incase they request to see her.

Finally, we observed her funeral prayer yesterday evening and buried her accordingly in Zaria.

-Musa Ahmed

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