Dear Cubana Chief Priest.

You posted this on your Instagram and took swipe at those who spend time at the gym working out.

As with all fat people, they tend to look for a way to hide their insecurities, by making fun of those who exercise.

But, what you fail to understand, Chief Priest, is that, looking at you now, I can identify in you, several potential fat related diseases (that’s if you don’t have them already).

I can see High blood pressure, Heart disease, Stroke, Sleep apnea,Metabolic syndrome, Fatty liver diseases, Osteoarthritis and Diabetes.

So, why you think it’s okay to broke shame people who workout, you should also remember that they are healthy. And so far they are healthy, there’s plenty of time in this world to make money.

Unlike you who claims to be summer rich, any of those fat related diseases, can take your life or confine you to the bed for the rest of your life.

Away from that, you think your summer money can keep a woman? Yes, most likely! In this part of the world where we come from, your summer money can get you lot of girls.

But, after collecting your money, they still go back to those with summer bodies to give them something you can never give…


Chief Priest, with your belly like that of a pregnant cow, I wonder how your winny functions. But, that’s topic for another of day.

Chief Priests, the top 20 Richest men in the world, all pay attention to their physically fitness. Elon Musk works out. Bill Gate works out. Jeff Bezoz works out. Mark Zuckerberg works out.

These men, with their billions of dollars and busy schedule, still understand the importance of keeping fit.

But you that owes people as little as 50k; owes his staff salaries; buys things on credit and refuses to pay; you suddenly think you’re rich enough not to care about your physical fitness.

As for the Nigerian girls gbamming what you’re saying and telling you to ride on… There’s one thing you should understand, Chief Priest.

In a country where poverty is the order of the day; where you finish school and can’t get a sustainable job. Girls will turn to the likes of you for survival. I repeat, for survival.

Ask many Nigerian girls who have gone to Europe to study and are doing well for themselves… They won’t look at you twice, Chief Priest.

Na hunger dey cause am. Let them leave the country, they’ll realize that they were spreading their legs unnecessarily in Nigeria.

So, my dear Chief Priest. Enjoy with your summer money. You are living the good life, the summer body guys are living the good health; one set of them have better priorities.

But, while you’re at it, endeavor to pay up those you’re owing.

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